We provide all you need in order to safely and surely loose from 18 to 33 lbs in 40 days and successfully stabilize the new weight during the maintanance period. But what puts us aside from any other site you visited when choosing your way to loose weight fast and safely with Dr. Simeons HCG diet plan?

Absolutely most of the HCG Diet plans and HCG Diet kits on the Internet sell you HCG drops, HCG books or manuals and some kind of support. Very rarely you receive step-by-step thorough and professional guidance from day 1 until the last day of the stringent Dr. Simeons dieting protocol.

After all, there are 3 exact steps, each one lasting exact amount of days, during each one you need to eat specific foods, some of them are accompanied by intaking HCG and some already not.

How can you make sure that you don’t do mistakes? Every day you don’t do something right costs you 1 to 3 days of weight not goping down or even worse – going up. So what do you do?

The answer that we provide is made of these 5 components:

  1. Step-by-step checksheet which lists each action you need to do one at a time, right after purchasing our package and until the last day of the dieting protocol. That way you are not overwhelmed with information and know exactly what you need to know and to do day after day.
  2. Highly effective HCG sweet granules, based on on the xylitol – natural sugar replacement carrying HCG effect without the presence of hormone itself.
  3. Dr. Simeons original dieting protocol manual, outlining the principles and workings of the dieting process.
  4. Food tables with tips for each step of the process: Loading Phase 1, Low Calories Diet Phase 2, Maintanance and Stabilization Phase 3. Each table lists the allowed food products with their calories values and the most important tips for that particular phase.
  5. Interactive Online Diary – developed by our own design, this online application helps you keep the weight diary day after day, giving you exact instructions about what to do if the weight went up or stayed the same and also – built-in selection of allowed phase 2 foods with automatic calculation of summed up daily calories count based on your selection and amount of grams that you enter to the system.
  6. Closed support forum where I give professional and experienced answers to any question you might have before, during or after each separate phase. You can find here the questions and the answers that others had and also ask away anything that comes to your mind with full anonymity and comfort of your home.
  7. Personal support via email if you don’t want to share your troubles with others. You simply send your question and within a couple of hours maximum you get personal response from a professional highly experienced Dr. Simeons HCG diet specialist.

If you have any question, please, don’t hesitate to contact me right away.

And if you feel ready for the amazing adventure of Dr. Simeons fast, effective and safe diet, go ahead, make your purchase and you will immediately recevie access to all of the online materials, including Step-By-Step Checksheet, Interactive Diary, Support Forum and Personal Support right away, while the HCG granules will arrive to your address in a couple of days and you’ll be totally set to press the start button!


To you best success, health and beauty,
Anat Stern, Chief Consultant
Dr. Simeons Original Diet

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